Empire of Sin is a strategy game developed by Romero Games and published by Paradox Interactive. The game was released on December 1, 2020 for Mac, Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One. I didn’t know anything about the game until I watched the trailer online recently. The trailer caught my attention for sure. The game is a mixed of tactical turn-based and strategic management. To my surprised, the game didn’t get many good reviews. As for today (December 7, 2020) the game’s Metacritic scores are: 66 (PC, based on 31 critic reviews), 45 (PS4, based on 5 critic reviews).

Digital Trends – 3.5/5

Empire of Sin delivers a clever, genre-melding experience that perfectly marries the world of 1920s organized crime with strategy gameplay. Bugs and a lack of combat speed or automation options can grind its pace to a halt, but it does a stellar job of putting the player in the mindset of a mob mastermind (or a gun-toting buffoon) with streamlined speakeasy management.

Digital Trends – giovanni colantonio

DualShockers – 7/10

As it stands, Empire of Sin is a fine game that’s probably worth a look if you really like strategy games and want something with a new twist. The XCOM combat fits in well, especially when you get into bigger conflicts. And the cast of characters is exceptional. There’s a ton here for genre fans to dig into.

However, unless you just really need something new to try out, I might wait for either a sale or to see what Romero Games does to update it post-launch. There were moments where I had an absolute blast, but the entire package is a bit lacking. So, just like my sad attempt at cooking my own Thanksgiving dinner back in college, essentially. To my credit, Spam is a valid substitution for turkey and you can’t change my mind.

Dualshockers – ricky frech

PC Gamer – 49/100

Empire of Sin is an ambitious management game that never manages to tie together its big ideas. There’s definitely a version of it in there somewhere that’s good, and the allure of all those dense and malleable systems is strong, but they all come with massive caveats that dwarf what it does well. It’s just a bit of a mess. It’s frustrating. The potential is obvious, but it hasn’t been realised.

PC gamer – fraser brown

IGN – 4/10

All the good ideas and strong 1920s atmosphere in Empire of Sin amount to nothing in the end. The tactical combat has strong bones and some clever design, but fails to live up to its promise due to repetitive, lackluster maps and wildly unbalanced abilities. The strategy layer is shallow and the many ways to roleplay feel meaningless when there is a clear easiest path to victory and the rest are so tedious. The criminal enterprise management is poorly balanced and tediously slow due to a combination of game speed and bad interface. Top it all off with bugs, glitches, and janky performance issues too numerous to mention and you have a game that’s just not worth your time unless it gets a major overhaul.

ign – Jon bolding

Push Square – 3/10

Oh dear. Empire of Sin has a fantastic idea at its core, and the jolly soundtrack perfectly complements the over the top character designs. But the game is a technical mess, littered with a spectacular array of bugs, and crippled by poor design choices that derail whatever little momentum the game may otherwise have had. Empire of Sin? They should have called it Buggy Malone.

push square – Hon Cal mccormick

Nintendo Life – 4/10

Empire of Sin is undoubtedly an excellent idea, a clever meshing together of management sim and turn-based tactical action that’s set in a hugely compelling era of Chicago’s criminal history. There are some cool mechanics here, too; the well-executed overworld map of the town, the gangster black book with its complex relationships and those tense sit-downs with rival ganglords. However, all of this promise is held back by copious technical problems, game-breaking bugs and management and combat systems that feel half-baked and scrappy. There are more patches and updates planned and we desperately would like to see this one sort itself out but, as things stand, it’s virtually impossible to recommend – and it remains to be seen if future updates can bash it into shape.

nintendo life – pj o’reilly

Empire of Sin Reviews Round Up

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