Chapter 6: “Like the Wind, He Arrives.”

There is a lot to digest in Episode 6. The show continues to introduce new rider and multiple plotlines. Some fans may find this confusing or bad pacing. I don’t mine that at all. I do have to agree that if majority of the audiences are kids, the multiple plotlines would be very confusing for younger audiences. Kids who watch the show probably don’t care about the plot either. As long as there are cool riders, flashy moves and monsters to fight.

Let’s talk about the new character Ren. He is a cocky and confident young rider. He comes across as someone who shows no respect to others but Kento. He seems to lookup to Kento and respect him greatly. Ren doesn’t care much for Touma and call him a Scrub when they first met. Apparently, Ren was training in the Liberation room, the room behind the double doors in the main level of the Sword of Largo’s HQ. Ren mentions that training in the room really takes a toll on him. This is interesting because it sounds like the Liberation room is a way for the swordsmen to do some intense training to keep up or sharpen their skills.

Touma wants to learn more about Wonder Rider Books and asks for permission from Sophia to read the books at the HQ. We get confirmation from Sophia that Daishinji is “Slash”. Daishinji is the blacksmith and librarian for the Sword of Largo. Although Daishinji does not have good people skills, he is very knowledgeable about the Swordrivers, weapons and books at the HQ.

Daishinji helps Touma and Ren tune-up their weapons.  Zephyrs is the name of Ren’s sword. Touma values the knowledge from books where as Ren is all about strength and actions. Ren thinks justice is all about strength and nothing else matters in battle. Ren wants to challenge Touma in a fight and is willing to put his Wonder Ride Book Kobuta Three Kyoudai “The three little pigs” on the line. The first person to land a hit win. Touma manages to land the first hit when Ren was distracted by a phone call from Kento to Touma. Ren tries to say that hit doesn’t count but Touma insist he won and take the “Kobuta Three Kyoudai” Wonder Rider Book.

Kento’s phone call is a call for help. Touma arrives to a city location in the Wonder World and see Kento fighting another piranha Megiddo. Desast shows up to join the party. Touma waste no time and henshin with 3 books (Brave Dragon, Storm Eagle, Kobuta Three Kyoudai) into Kamen Rider Dragon Eagle Butasan. Another henshin without the CGI sequence. It’s interesting that Touma’s body is already used to transforming using 3 books. Touma only got winded once after he henshin using all 3 books for the first time. I thought using 3 books will put a toll on the rider’s body. Being someone who’s inexperience and untrained, Touma is doing pretty damn good. Touma ends up fighting the piranha Megiddo and Kento fighting Desast. Kamen Rider Dragon Eagle Butasan has a cool and silly special move with the 3 little paper cut-out pigs. The three piglets make a straw house and lure the piranha inside. The straw house is then blown away by Touma using another special move. Touma got tricked by one of the general and lost the Storm Eagle Wonder Ride Book to Desast. We get to see the monster form of the general. The general did something to Touma’s Swordriver. Touma wasn’t able to draw the sword. The general tells Touma he will need the power of a lost place in order to draw his sword again. The general then take his leave and Desast drops a hint to Touma and Kento that they should seek out Zooous.

Back at the HQ, Daishinji analyzes Touma’s Swordriver and finds that there’s a seal on it. Ren continues to add salt to injury and call Touma weak because he lost the Storm Eagle book given to him by Ogami. Daishinji suggests that a journey to Avalon might be the only way to break the seal on the Swordriver. According to Daishinji, Avalon is a lost place and no swordsmen can ever venture there. Touma asks Ren to join Kento to help save everyone and give the three little pigs book back to Ren. Ren accepts the request happily and declare another challenge with Touma. Ren’s challenge is to see if he can defeat the Megiddo before Touma can find Avalon. Touma accepts Ren’s challenge and tries to find more information about Avalon through the books at the HQ. Kento and Ren took off to look for the Megiddo. Touma managed to trick Daishinji into revealing the locations of the forbidden books inside the HQ library. I thought that scene is very funny. For whatever reason, Daishinji is not very good at lying. Touma thinks the forbidden book may contain information on how to remove the seal from his Swordriver (Rekka). Touma returns to his bookstore with Daishinji after reading a line in the forbidden book about” When the 13 stories are connected by sword.” I am not sure how Touma can understand and read the text in the forbidden book. Touma manages to find more hints from the forbidden book. “Two dragons will come together, revealing the path to a chasm in the world’s midst.” and “The king slumbers in the rift of time.”

Meanwhile Rintaro and Mei caught up to Zooous and confront him. If I remember correctly, the last episode ended with Zooous unleashing a special move on Rintaro and Mei. But for some reason the show skipped that and cut to Rintaro and Mei searching for Zooous. Mei also wears different clothes then the end of the last episode. Rintaro did say to Zooous that he won’t get away this time. I assume Zooous just took his leave after the incident in the last episode. We find out more about Rintaro’s past during his fight with Zooous. Rintaro’s master was killed by Zooous 15 years ago. Rintaro is no match for Zooous and tells Mei not to call for help. Rintaro filling with rage, insist he must be the one to defeat Zooous. Rintaro’s anger must have clouded his mind because he fought Zooous with a base form during the whole fight. I thought he would at least try to henshin with 2 books. Zooous makes fun of Rintaro and then take his leave after feeling bored with the fight.

Somewhere in the Wonder World, Kento and Ren finds the piranha Megiddo. Ren uses the “Sarutobi Ninjaden” Wonder Ride Book along with his Twin Blades. Ren’s sword is interest, it can split into two blades. Ren henshin into Kamen Rider Kenzan without a CGI sequence. Kento henshin with 2 books (needle hedgehog, Lamp do Alangenia) into Kamen Rider Espada Lamp Do Hedgehog with a CGI sequence. The piranha Megiddo is losing again Ren. Desast shows up to join the fight. Desast likes to show up in fights whenever he wants. Desast uses an alter book and warp himself and Ren into another section of the city. Kento is left with fighting the piranha Megiddo without any sweat. Kento transforming with 2 books is an overkill for the piranha Megiddo. He was able to defeat the piranha Megiddo in his base form in the last episode. Ren isn’t all talk. He is actually pretty strong and able to hold his own against Desast. It appears Ren is having fun fighting a strong enemy like Desast. Ren turns his twin blades into a giant shuriken. Ren defeats Desast and got the Storm Eagle book back. I remember Buster was having a tough time fighting Desast, where as Ren was able to defeat Desast with his giant shuriken special move. Is Ren stronger than Ogami? It’s possible that the Liberation training room can greatly increase the swordsmen strength and Ren have been training hard in that room. Whereas Ogami was busy chasing Calibur and didn’t spend much time training.

Meanwhile Calibur and his generals are planning something. One of the generals has in his possession a book that is the key to opening the door to the rift of time. The general asks Calibur what he will do once he obtains the power but Calibur didn’t answer.

I enjoyed watching this episode. The fight between Kamen Rider Kenzan and Desast is entertaining to watch. Ren’s weapon is very versatile, it can be a sword, two twin blades or a giant shuriken. Ren’s weapon covers both close range and long-range combat. Kenzan’s suit looks great in green. Touma’s new rider form Kamen Rider Dragon Eagle Butasan looks not bad but I like the silly special move with the piglet cut-outs. Kento’s new form Kamen Rider Espada Lamp Do Hedgehog looks great but it’s underuse in this episode. Ogami does not make an appearance in this episode at all. I can’t wait to find out what Daishinji’s rider form “Slash” will look like. The show is beginning to use quick henshin for some transformations. Not all new Kamen Rider forms get a henshin sequence. A lot of plotlines are happening in this episode. Calibur and his generals are planning some devious plans in order to obtain the power from Avalon. Touma searching for clues on how to get to Avalon so he can break the seal on his sword. Kento continues his search for his father and try to find out the truth behind his father’s betrayal. Rintaro is on his revenge quest to defeat Zooous. Rintaro is going to train in the Liberation room for his 3 volumes henshin. (Tenkuu no Pegasus, Lion Senki and Peter Fantasista). The more I watched, the more I like about Kamen Rider Saber. When I watch a Kamen Rider Show, I want see lot of riders, great fights and comedic moments. So far Kamen Rider Saber is giving me what I want.


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Kamen Rider Saber – Episode 6 – Review
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