Chapter 5: “My Friend, the Thunder Swordsman.”

It’s nice to see that this episode advances the plot more when compared to previous episodes. The episode stats off with Touma already safe and sound back at his bookstore. We get to see the Wonder Ride Books storage stand for the first time I believe. The show continues to remind us that Mei is Touma’s editor and Touma is supposed to hand in his monthly manuscript. It’s easy to forget the work relationship between Touma and Mei. For someone like Touma who puts promises as their priority, you would think he will put more effort into writing those monthly manuscript.

We get a flashback to the day before Touma is back at his bookstore. I would assume the flashback took place shortly after Touma’s encounter with Calibur from previous episode. Touma is discussing the event that took place previously with the council at the Sword of Logo’s HQ. Rintaro is assigned to look for the rainbow bubbles that appear when an anomaly manifest. I am not sure what exactly Rintaro is supposed to do here. Ogami is continuing his search for Calibur. Kento is supposed to be on standby in case of a Megiddo appear. We finally get to find out what role Daishinji plays in the council. He is the swordsmith who maintains the sacred swords. Although we didn’t get to see him henshin into a rider, I am sure he has to be one of the riders. We get to see Daishinji using the computer to analyse Touma’s Swordriver. It’s interesting to know that Touma has barely utilizing half of the sword’s power.

After the flashback, we get confirmation that Calibur is Kento’s father. We also find out that Kento’s father was also a good friend of Ogami. Kento tells Ogami that he will do whatever he can to defat Calibur. Ogami reminds Kento that defeating Calibur is the guild’s responsibility and he shouldn’t shoulder all the burden. We also get to see what Calibur looks like behind the mask through Kento’s memory about his father. It’s nice to see Touma and Kento trying to bond with their friendship. Kento is still trying to hide the truth from Touma, probably afraid the truth may hurt Touma.

One of Calibur’s general is out of their lair and summons the pirahna Megiddo. Touma and Kento enter the Wonder World and team up to fight off the pirahna Megiddo. I never really noticed that before but when Touma and Kento is in the Wonder World, there’s this blue aura around everything. In previous episodes, there are bubbles floating around whenever the characters are in the Wonder World. I find the blue aura distracting to the eyes and make it hard to focus when watching the show. Kento henshin into Kamen Rider Espada using the Lamp do Alangina Wonder Ride Book. The Espada suit looks great, I like the halo around the rider’s head. Kamen Rider Espada has the lighting type elemental power. Kento is able to defeat the Pirahna Megiddo without Touma’s help. Just as Touma henshin into Kaman Rider Saber and trying to save some people stranded on a boat, Calibur shows up. While Calibur is clashing swords with Saber, their Swordrivers are reacting with each other. Calibur seems to know what’s happening but Saber has no clue what’s going on. Kento confronts Calibur asking why he betrays the guild but didn’t get an answer. Meanwhile the Pirahna Megiddo returns and Touma defeats the Megiddo by transforming into Kamen Rider Saber Dragon Hedgehog Peter. I think this is the first time we see a quick henshin sequence without the CGI background. I am sure we will see more of the quick henshin sequence in later episodes. I am not sure why Touma would transform using all three volumes. Last time he did that he got winded because using all three Wonder Ride Books cause great burden on the body. Espada beats the pirahna Megiddo in his base form so I would think using two volumes should be enough. Calibur unleashes his special move Jakku Dragon at Espada and Kamen Rider Buster shows up to block its attack. Calibur knowing his odds are against him and retreated. Through a brief conversation between Calibur and one of his generals (The one with the calm demeanor), It appears that Calibur’s fixation on Saber has something to do with Avalon. Maybe Saber’s Swordriver is to key to Avalon?

Ogami plays more of a mentor role in this episode. Afterall Ogami seems to be the most experience swordsmen among the council. We see Ogami trying to cheer Kento up on the rooftop. The silly scene with Ogami opening a can of pop is pretty funny I thought. It’s nice to see Ogami not in his angry state all the time. Ogami ask Kento if he is going to tell Touma the truth. Kento replies that he will hide the truth from Touma in order to protect him. Ogami thinks Touma can protect himself and Kento should stop being stubborn. Just as Ogami is leaving, Touma shows up. Ogami gives Touma the Storm Eagle Wonder Ride Book and tells Touma he can give the Needle Hedgehog Wonder Rider Book back to Kento.

Touma and Kento returns to the bookstore. Kento offer Touma a chance to ask him questions but Touma didn’t ask any questions. Touma understand that Kento has his own problems and promise to help. Kento and Touma reflects on the piranha Megiddo they fought. Again, Touma uses his knowledge from books and figure out that there must be more piranha Megiddo out there still. Meanwhile Rintaro and Mei are resting in an alley during their search for the rainbow bubbles. Desast (the Megiddo from previous episode) shows up and scare off Mei and Rintaro.

Kento and Touma continues their search for the enemies. We get a cool bike scene with Kento and Touma. Kento riding the Gatriker and Touma riding the Diago Speedy. To my surprised, there’s no CGI bike sequence. We get the awesome side by side henshin sequence of Kento and Touma while riding the bikes. They are slicing and dicing flying piranhas as they ride down the road. Because they are in Wonder World, we get these annoying blue auras around everything. I hope the show will take out these effects. Touma uses the Storm Eagle Wonder Ride Book and henshin into Kamen Rider Saber Dragon Eagle to destroys all those flying piranhas. I assume the Storm Eagle is a compatible book with Brave Dragon and the two compatible volumes transformation should be stronger than three non compatible volumes transformation. Kento in his base form as Espada defeats the piranha Megiddo. I thought Espada’s special move is pretty neat, because he is as fast as lighting, you can see his trailing shadows destroy the piranha Megiddo. After the enemies are destroyed, Kento tells Touma there’s something they should talk about once Touma get his memories back. The episode ends with Desast telling Mei and Rintaro that he will devour and dominate the Wonder World with the others. The crazy eyes general “Zooous” tells Desast that he talks too much. We finally get to see one of the general transforms and he is the ruler of living creatures.

Overall, this episode is good in terms of advancing the plot. We get to know more about Daishinji and the role he plays within the guild. We finally get the confirmation that Calibur is Kento’s father. Calibur mentioning Touma’s Swordriver is the key to Avalon. Two of Calibur’s generals actually got out of their boy’s club lair. We get the confirmation that Zooous is the ruler of living creatures. Ogami plays a mentoring role within the guild. Touma and Kento deepen their bond. We get to see Espada in action and Saber’s new form with the Storm Eagle Wonder Ride Book. The scene with Kento and Touma henshin on the bikes are awesome. I would like to find out how Rintaro and Mei are going to get away from Zooous and Desast in the next episode. Where is Ogami’s son Sora when all of this is happening? I assumed he left his son at the Sword of Logo’s HQ and being taken care by Sophia or Daishinji? I noticed that Tassel doesn’t have the bird nest on his left shoulder. I guess Tassel do change up his outfit once in a while.


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Kamen Rider Saber – Episode 5 – Review
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