Chapter 4: “I Opened the Book, Therefore.”

Like all previous episodes, we have Tassel giving the viewers the run down of the story so far. For some reason I didn’t notice the bird nest on Tassel’s left shoulder until now. I don’t hate Tassel as a narrator, I just didn’t pay much attention to his attire in previous episodes. Since I watch the show weekly, Tassel’s recap of the story isn’t very useful for me. If someone weren’t able to watch weekly, I can see the recap of the story useful. I am glad the show hasn’t integrated Tassel into the actual story. I would like Tassel stick to his narrator role and not interact with other characters in the show.

Touma, Rintaro and Ogami are still trying to figure out why people were not returning to the real world after defeating the salamander Megiddo. They seek the Sword of Logos’s council for help but Touma managed to figure it out on his own. I am going to refer Sophia and the other swordsmen at the Sword of Logo’s HQ the council. Daishinji shows up briefly and didn’t even say a line of dialog. I am curious as to when we will see him in action. Ogami is getting tired of Touma’s attitude of making promises that he can’t keep. Kento gives Ogami the Needle Hedgehog Wonder Rider Book and ask Ogami to support Touma.

I like how Touma uses his knowledge from the books to find ways to defeat the salamander Megiddo. We get to see the three villains in their hide out. So far, we haven’t seen the villains out of their lair other then Calibur and Legeiel summoning the Megiddo in the first episode. Other than summoning Megiddo, I wonder what other power’s they have.

Touma figured out that the salamander Megiddo is keeping the missing people captive. If they can find the location of where the people are being held, they will find Ogami’s son Sora. Mei is actually useful in this episode, other then just a comic relief character. She finds an empty Wonder Rider Book in her purse (conveniently) and let the book capture her on purpose. She got transported to the other captives and found Sora. Mei even brought some fireworks with her so she can signal Touma and the others. The captives were all trapped inside some giant bubbles. I am not sure how the fireworks were able to go thru the bubble but Mei couldn’t get out of the bubble herself.

This episode has one of the best monsters so far. The monster was summoned by Calibur. This monster is Desast, he looks badass and strong. Apparently, he fought Ogami 15 years ago. Ogami transformed into Kamen Rider Buster and confront Desast. Touma gives Ogami the “Jackun to Domamenok” Wonder Ride Book and Ogami gives Touma the Needle hedgehog.  Touma took off with Rintaro into the other world thru the portal. Touma and Rintaro finds Sora, Mei and the other captives thanks to Mei’s fireworks. To my surprised, Touma and Rintaro didn’t react at all when they see Mei among the captives.

I really enjoy the fight between Desast and Buster. Both are fighting with a sword and we get to see a lot of sword clashing actions. Buster turns into Kamen Rider Buster Genbu Jackun by using the “Jackun to Domamenoki” Wonder Ride book. I thought Buster’s Genbu Jackun form is kind of weak. It doesn’t completely change the left sided body of the suit. You can see the bean stock wrapped around the left arm and dangling. Both Desast and Buster are fighting in equal footing with their special moves. Buster managed to steal the Storm Eagle Wonder Ride Book from Desast during the fight. Desast takes his leave after realizing he lost the Storm Eagle Wonder Ride Book; he doesn’t seem to care at all. The Storm Eagle book is red in color. I am suspecting this is a compatible book with Touma’s Brave Dragon book.

After saving the captives, Touma and Rintaro fights the salamander Megiddo. We get to see Touma henshin into Kamen Rider Saber Dragon Hedgehog using the Needle Hedgehog and Brave Dragon Wonder Ride Books.  Rintaro not wasting anytime and henshin into Kamen Rider Blades Lion Fantasista. This is the first time Touma uses an animal-based Wonder Ride Book. The Needle Hedgehog Book goes into the middle slot of the Swordriver and alter the appearance of the middle section of the Kamen Rider suit. You can see the hedgehog’s head on Saber’s chest, similar to Blades’s Lion Senki. Saber can power his sword with the Hedgehog Wonder Ride Book and turns the sword into a glowing club with needles sticking out. Saber and Blades quickly defeated the salamander Megiddo but realized the Megiddo can regenerate.

The salamander Megiddo appears to be more powerful after the regeneration. Touma asks Rintaro about using all three Wonder Ride Books and takes the Peter Fantasista Wonder Ride Book right off of Rintaro’s swordriver. Unlike Rintaro’s polite manner in previous episode when borrowing Touma’s Wonder Ride Book, Touma is kind of rude by just snatching the Book off of Rintaro’s swordriver. With all three books, Saber turns into Kamen Rider Saber Dragon Hedgehog Peter. It’s a colorful suit I must say, with the red, yellow and blue color. It reminds me of the same color scheme as some Yu-Gi-Oh cards Slifer The Sky Dragon (red), The Winged Dragon of Ra (yellow) and Obelisk the Tormentor (blue). I am surprised Rintaro didn’t come up with the idea of using all three books. After all Rintaro is supposed to be a more experienced swordsman compare to Touma. I do get the feeling that Rintaro has the least experience when compared to the other swordsmen in the Sword of Logo HQ.

The salamander Megiddo is no match for Saber powered by all three books. Kamen Rider Saber Dragon Hedgehog Peter has the most ridiculous special moves. Saber summons a macho fairy along side the dragon. It’s kind of silly but funny at the same time. Rintaro made a comment on the macho fairy and calls her muscular and cute. The macho fairy finishes the salamander Megiddo off with a wresting move combined with the needles from the hedgehog and fire from the dragon. Once the Megiddo is defeated, Sora and Mei returned to the real world. Sora reunited with his father and Mei returned to the bookstore. Ogami is impressed that Touma kept his promises.

Touma is exhausted after the fight due to using all three wonder Ride Books. Touma lost his balance and fell to the ground. Rintaro explains to Touma using all three volumes can even burden the body of a seasoned swordsman. Just when you thought all is over, Calibur shows up Infront of Touma and Rintaro. This is the first time Touma meet Calibur, other than in Touma’s dream. We also get a closer look at Calibur’s driver, it looks different than Touma and Rintaro’s sworddriver. Meanwhile back at the Sword of Lago’s HQ, Sophia senses the present of Calibur and calls him/her the swordsman of darkness. Touma and Rintaro henshin into Saber and Blade to defend themselves against Calibur. I thought this scene would have been better if Touma remains too exhausted to henshin and we are left with Rintaro protecting Touma by fighting Calibur one on one. The episode should of end right there and that would really make the audience want to watch the next episode. Calibur is way too strong and demand Touma to hand over the Rekka (sword of flames) and the brave dragon Wonder Ride Book. Calibur unleased his special move at Saber and Blade. A rider shows up just in a nick of time to block Calibur’s special move and save Saber and Blade.

I really enjoy watching this episode. We get to see the first henshin with all three volumes of Wonder Ride Books. We are introduced to a cool villain like Desast, not your average Megiddo. Desast can hold his own against Buster in a fight. Mei helping out in the rescue of Sora. I thought the ending would have been better if it stops right when Calibur unleased his special move, it puts Touma and Rintaro in a difficult situation and makes you wonder how they are going to get out of that situation. The mysterious golden rider with lighting power shows up to save the day is interesting. I suspect the rider is Touma’s childhood friend Kento. According to the official website, this golden rider is Kamen Rider Espada. This is definitely the best episode so far.


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Kamen Rider Saber – Episode 4 – Review
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