Chapter 3: “A Father and a swordsman.”

This is another enjoyable episode to watch. More characters are introduced to the show and the plots advanced some more. The episode continued where we left off in episode 2. The mysterious young man on a flying carpet is Kento Fukamiya. Kento was a childhood friend of Touma and a swordsman from the Swords of Logos. Kento thinks that Touma has already forgotten the girl that was supposed to be part of their group.

I like the way Touma remembered Kento through a story book that they used to roleplay. I thought the way Mei reacted to Kento when he first appeared was funny. The way Kento dressed are very similar to Rintaro. You can tell they belongs in the same group. Kento obviously know more about Touma’s childhood then Touma himselThis episode doesn’t slow down in terms of introducing new characters. Just when Touma and Rintaro about to fight a Megiddo, a new rider intercepted the fight. Kamen Rider Buster carries a big sword as a weapon and defeated the Megiddo without a sweat. Buster is also accompanied by his son Sora. Right after the Megiddo is defeated, the dangling creepy hand at the villain’s hideout stopped writing in the book. We find out one of the general’s name is Legeiel. He is the one who summoned the Megiddo in the first episode. This same Megido reappeared and was defeated by Buster. The crazy eyes general made fun of Legeiel and summoned another Megiddo, the “Giant Salamander.”

We get to see Touma in different clothes in this episode. It is refreshing to see characters wear different clothes from episode to episode. Rintaro explained to Touma that once a Megido completed their Alter Book, they can reappear as they want. I am sure we may see Medgio reappear more then once in future episodes. I think this is the first time that one of the villain’s name is mentioned besides Calibur.

Back at the bookstore, we find out that the big sword rider is “Ogami Ryo” and his beloved sword is the Sword of Tremors, Gekido. Rintaro warned Ryo about the danger of having Sora around during battles. Ryo brushed off the warning and called himself the almighty king of parenting.

Ryo’s rider form looks badass. I really like his sword the Gekido. The sword gets even bigger when he executes his special move. If I am not mistaken, Ryo’s sword is also his driver. You can see that he inserted the Wonder Ride Book “Genbu Shinwa” into the slot on his sword to transform. There doesn’t appear to be another slot for more Wonder Ride Books. Ryo left his son Sora at the bookstore with Touma and Mei. Rintaro, Kento and Ryo paid a visit to the Sword of Logos’s HQ. Sophia made another brief appearance and asked Ryo if he finds out anything about Calibur. Sophia wanted to know what’s Ryo impression on Touma. Ryo replied that he is disappointed with Touma and find him weird. Another character is introduced at the HQ. We only know his name is “Daishinji” and nothing else. Daishinji also knows that Touma was in the battle that happened 15 years ago. Kento thinks that Touma must have lost his memories.

I hope we get to see more of the Sword of Logos’s HQ. We only get to see the outside of the HQ and the front entrance area. Wish we get to know more about Daishinji in this episode. Again, Sophia and Daishijnji appearances are too brief. This episode could do without them in it really. Daishijnji gives me the villain vibe for some reason.

Back at the bookstore, Touma was upset that Sora doesn’t find books interesting. Touma made a promise to Sora that he will show Sora how fun books can be. Mei decided to take Sora out for a walk to cheer him up. Mei is dressed in different clothes for this episode, another nice little details I like. The “Giant Salamander” Megiddo began trapping part of a forest and spreading blank Wonder Ride Books across the city. Sora found one of the blank Wonder Ride Book while out for a walk with Mei. Sora opened the blank Wonder Ride Book and disappearance.

Touma showed up at the HQ and warned Ryo about Sora’s disappearance. Ryo and Touma headed back to the bookstore. Mei felt terrible with the incident and apologized to Ryo. Rintaro informed Ryo that there are other people disappearing in the city as well. Touma offered to help Ryo to rescue Sora because he had made a promise to Sora. Ryo, Touma and Rintaro went off to search for Sora.

The three went inside the wonder world side of the forest through the book portal. Ryo left the group to look for Sora himself. The “Giant Salamander” Megiddo appeared and attacked Rintaro and Touma. Touma and Rintaro transformed into Saber and Blades to fight the Megiddo.

Kento stayed at the HQ and blame himself of what happened to Touma 15 years ago. He thinks its better for Touma to not remember what had happened. Sophia mentioned that Kento is somehow related to Calibur. This part is such a tease. Is Calibur Kento’s father? Mother? Sister? Master? Or his next-door neighbour? Could Calibur be that little girl in Touma’s dream? We also get a glimpse of Calibur was upset that the swordsmen are interfering with his goal to obtain the sacred Wonder Ride Books. He also mentioned something about the day he reaches Avalon is near. At this point I don’t recall if Avalon was mentioned in previous episodes.

Saber and Blades are having a tough time fighting the Megiddo because of its slimy body rendering their swords ineffective. Saber busted out the “Peter Fantasista” Wonder Ride Book and used it to transformed into Kamen Rider Dragon Peter. Even after transforming into Dragon Peter Fan, Saber doesn’t fight very well in that form. Blades asked Saber to give him the “Peter Fantasista” Wonder Ride Book because it’s more compatible with his fighting style. Blades transformed into the Kamen Rider Blades Lion Fantaista. Apparently the “Peter Fantasista” is a matching Wonder Rider Book with “Lion Senki”.

Rintaro’s special move with the Lion Fantaista form is so cool. I like how it created 7 portals for him to travel in/out off to attack the Megiddo. Where as Touma’s Dragon Peter Fan form has a lame ass moves that has tinker bell holding a chain and spinning both Touma and the Megiddo around.

Touma pulled out the “Jackun to Domamenoki” Wonder Ride Book and transformed into Dragon Jack and the Beanstalk to join Rintaro. Ryo showed up again looking super angry and transformed into Buster. Ryo executed his special move on the Megiddo disregarding Touma and Rintaro’s safety. Just as the Megiddo exploded into little pieces, Ryo noticed something doesn’t seems right. The world hasn’t returned to normal. The people who disappeared are still gone.

There’s no long CGI fight/bike scene in this episode. The new rider forms are interesting. Rintaro can execute different special moves compared to Touma when transformed using the “Peter Fantasista” Wonder Ride Book. I am curious if the Wonder Ride Books are compatible as long as they have the same color. The episode ends in a different format than the last two episodes. Daishinji was introduced in the middle of the episode rather than at the end. I can’t wait to see Daishinji and Kento’s rider forms. I also like the fact that not all Kamen Riders are young man. It would be nice if the show will introduce female riders. As expected, Kento appears in the opening and end credit songs. I am sure the show will feature all the important characters in the opening and ending songs.


Forms/Wonder Ride Books:


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Kamen Rider Saber – Episode 3 – Review
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