Recently Microsoft announced the new Designed for Xbox look for Xbox partner accessories. If you are planning to get the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S and unsure which accessories are compatible, fear not. If you are going to buy accessories from a third-party manufacturers, the new Designed for Xbox badge means the accessories will be compatible with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

The Designed for Xbox badge communicates how closely we have worked with our partners on each product to test quality, performance, safety, and security with all Xbox hardware experiences. It also communicates continuous compatibility as we move into the next generation of gaming. The Designed for Xbox badge ensures these accessories provide the best possible experience while gaming on your Xbox console, regardless of generation. We’ve been a part of our gamers’ journey since the beginning of Xbox and can’t wait to take this step with you into the next generation of Xbox gaming.

Look for the Designed for Xbox badge on the product box

Designed for Xbox is partnering with over 34 gaming brand around the world:

You can watch the video below that showcase some of the products in the Designed for Xbox program.

A New Designed for Xbox Badge
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