Chapter 2: “The Water Swordsman, Along with a Blue Lion.”

Episode 2 begins where we left off in the first episode. Rintaro made a sudden visit to Touma’s bookstore. Touma and Mei was taken aback by Rintaro and his blue lion. Rintaro belongs to a secret organization “The Sword of Logos”. The organization has maintained the balance of the world since ancient time. He thinks the Wonder Ride Book in Touma’s possession is too powerful and too dangerous. Rintaro asked Touma to hand over the Wonder Ride Book. Touma refused to give up the Wonder Book. Rintaro received a phone call from his HQ and offered to take Touma to the Headquarters of The Sword of Logos. Rintaro created a portal using the “Portal Gate” Wonder Ride Book. Touma accepted the offer and followed Rintaro into the portal. Mei was left behind in the bookstore.

I like how polite and respectful Rintaro is as a character. The blue lion really didn’t look that intimidating but Touma and Mei seems to think so. Rintaro’s conversations and behaviour continues to hint that he is from a different world. He mentioned that he read in a book that it’s rude to enter the house with shoes on. Not sure why he thinks entering the house with a lion is any better. We get to see more gadgets being used by Rintaro. He talked on the Gatrikphone and opened a portal with a Wonder Ride Book. It seems like the portal gate Wonder Ride Book needs a bookshelf to create a portal.

Touma arrived at the Sword of Logos HQ and was mesmerised by the surroundings. At the HQ we get to see a new character, Sophia the protector of the Sword of Logos. Sophia gave Touma a small introduction of her organization. The HQ is located in the North Pole. The Sword of Logos has been working alongside the swordsmen chosen by the sacred swords (Senki) to protect the book of great power that created the world. Sophia told Touma that the sacred sword has chosen him worthy of becoming a kamen rider. Rintaro explained to Touma that the traitorous swordsman Calibur and the monsters of the manuscripts “Megiddo” was behind the city’s attack. We now know that Calibur was a chosen swordsman in the past. Calibur and his gang stole many Wonder Ride Books 15 years ago and many swordsmen died protecting the books.

We didn’t get to see much of the Sword of Logos’s HQ. Sophia’s appearance was very brief and she disappeared back into the backroom afterward. I was expecting Sophia to put Touma thru a trial in order to proof he is worthy to possess the Swordriver. We see no hints or glues as to how many people resides at the HQ.

We get a glimpse of Calibur and his generals. It looks like things a going along as they planned. And a new Alter book is near completion. At this point we are still unclear what’s the purpose of these books written by creepy dangling hands. I can’t wait to see how powerful Calibur and his generals are. Each general has their own distinct vibe. One with the crazy eyes, one always calm and compose and the other one loyal to the core.

Back at the bookstore Rintaro asked Touma to help him save another part of the city. Touma agreed to help Rintaro because he wants to save everyone. Rintaro showed Touma how to use the Swordriver to travel to the other side. I assumed other side means the part of the city that’s trapped inside the giant book. Mei ended up tagging along with Rintaro and Touma.

We finally get to see Rintaro’s rider form. Rintaro offered to show Touma how to fight as a kamen rider. Rintaro has a water-based rider form, the opposite of Touma’s fire-based rider form. We also get to see The Lion Senki Wonder Ride Book goes into the middle slot on the Swordriver. Touma and Mei’s expressions were priceless when they saw Rintaro’s transformation and Rintaro’s fighting techniques. The enemies were some kind of Ant that can spit acids. (Ant Megido). Touma joined the fight with Rintaro. Touma was able to learned from Rintaro’s techniques and summoned a dragon from his right arm. (Dragon Wonder). Where as Rintaro summoned the lion. A new Megido appeared and produced high frequency sounds that caused Mei to lost consciousness. Rintaro and Touma had no choice but to leave and regroup.

I really enjoy the fight scenes with both riders. We get to see more actions here compared to the first episode. Rintaro’s water-based attacks are enjoyable to watch. I am surprised how fast Touma pickup the skills. There must be something about Touma that enable him to fight so well. Even Rintaro complemented on Touma’s sword skills.

Rintaro and Touma went back to the Sword of Logos HQ. Sophia explained that the enemy is trying to recreate the book of world creation. Sophia warned Touma that it may be too late to save the city. Touma refused to accept defeat and recited the phrase “Hope exists beyond our resolution!”. Sophia recognized that phrase and unlocked a Wonder Ride Book from a machine. Touma acquired the Wonder Ride Book “DiagoSpeedy”, only saber can use. Touma and Rintaro left the HQ and re-entered the Megiddo’s book to finish the job.

I thought both appearance of Sophia in this episode could of be combined into one scene. I curious how does the machine that spit out the Wonder Ride Book works. Rintaro looked surprised when the machine produced the Wonder Ride Book. I hope the show will explained more about that machine. I am sure we will see more of that.

Back in the trapped city, we get to see Touma and Rintaro transformed at the same time. Rintaro also has his own bike, Ride Gatriker. It looks more like an ATV. I thought Rintaro’s bike should have more blue color to match his rider’s form. I noticed that the DiagoSpeedy Wonder Ride Book goes into the third slot of the Sworddriver, whereas Rintaro’s Bike/phone does not need to be in the Sworddriver. The majority of the fight was against giant ants and rendered in CGI. At least we get to see more of the Bikes in action. I think to CGI is acceptable. Rintaro acquired the “Jackun to Domamenoki” Wonder Ride Book after defeating the Ant Megiddo.

We get to see Saber’s first transformation with 2 Wonder Ride Books. “Brave Dragon” and “Jackun to domamenoki”. Rintaro worried that Touma couldn’t handle two books transformation but Touma proved him wrong. As many fans has pointed out. One of the pages from the “Jackun” book is replaced by a page from the Lion Senki’s book by mistake. The new rider form is Dragon Jack and the Beanstalk. I didn’t really like the hanging beanstalk dangling from Touma’s left arm. Touma easily defeated the Megiddo and reemphasis that he is the one to write how the story ends. Touma acquired another new book, “Peter Fantasista”.

I really like the idea that the left and right side of the rider is powered by different books. I can’t wait to see what happened when Touma transform using three books. Also, what Rintaro’s rider form would look like with more than one book.

Back at the bookstore Rintaro told Touma that he can call him anytime. Touma had a brief flashback about the young girl in his dream. The episode ended with another character visiting the bookstore. A young man riding on a flying carpet and claimed to know Touma but Touma have no idea who he is.

The ending of this episode is exactly the same as the first episode but with a new character. I am interested to find out more about this new rider on a flying carpet. I am sure he is going to be a Kamen Rider. Is it possible that Touma is also from Wonder World but he lost his memories? Overall, I thought episode 2 is fine. I enjoyed watching it more than the first episode.


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Kamen Rider Saber – Episode 2 – Review
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